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The RTCC 2013 - Hockenheimring National Circuit Track Preview

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RuffiansFC Player
The RTCC 2013 - Hockenheimring National Circuit Track Preview Main_l12

Hockenheimring is a favourite here at Ruff Gaming! It has been used in Forza and F1 competitions alike and seen plenty of action! A first corner smash up on the opening lap of the first Forza Championship, Darkestfrost smashing into the back of The Mehwarrior as he limped back to the pits after Forza glitched out and Baw 'Hit' him although there was a good 100m between them. Here's hoping that this race is just as exciting! I've put together this little video, not the best quality, but it was recorded direct off my TV using my phone! Too cheap to buy recording hardware! I know I'm not the best driver either but I thought I'd just show people the track!

If your curious my lap time was just over 1.41 but it is a work in progress and I will be faster on the night Wink


RuffiansFC Player
Just one question...what happened to turn 7...can we miss it on the race as well Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil 

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