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Ruffians FC - Season Fifa 14 - Sign Up Here (Xbox ONE Version)

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Ruffians FC Captain
Ruffians FC - Season Fifa 14 - Sign Up Here (Xbox ONE Version) Ruffia10
Ruffians FC Sign Up - Fifa 14 - Xbox ONE Version

So the 1st time in Ruffians FC history we are running our Fifa Pro Club over 2 different platforms in the same season! With the release of the Xbox ONE we have opened up a version of Ruff FC on Microsoft's new console. This is not in anyway to replace our main Ruff FC team on the 360 but for the lucky few that have Xbox Ones they can get a taste of RFC next gen style.

Myself as of yet doesn't have a Xbox ONE yet so Ruff Gamer PR1NC3 has kindly stepped up to my captain of the next gen ramble until I get my hands on the ONE. A massive thanks to PR1NC3 for helping me out.

To join the version of the club (nothing wrong with you being part of both versions of the club at the same time) follow the instructions below.

Once you have posted below that you wish to sign up to the club you need to send a request to join in the player hub section of the game for me to accept. Once accepted you will have access to the club page in game and you will be able to start playing your games for the season.

If you have any trouble with the sign up process then contact me here, on Twitter (@RuffianStew) or over Xbox Live (GT- Ruffian Stew) and I will sort it out for you.

Go Ruff! or Go Home!



1. RuffianStew
2. Iceman D18
3. PR1NC3
4. Nash
5. RaingodZippo
6. Darkestfrost
7. Mikethemute
8. TheMehwarrior
9. Shakeylakey
10. WindyB0wels
11. LongJohnMcNasty
12. X Bulldog
14. PGtips77
16. Womble

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Ruffians FC - Season Fifa 14 - Sign Up Here (Xbox ONE Version) 6958
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