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The Ruff Touring Car Masters - Sign Up and Info

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RuffiansFC Player

The Ruff Touring Car Masters
- 2014 -

System - Xbox 360
Game - Forza 4

Once again here at Ruff Gaming, the cogs have been turning as to what competition we should bring you next and one of the regular racers of the clan, T3RRAF0RM, has come up with the next brilliant idea. Continuing from our last Forza 4 competition, the Ruff Touring Car Championship, we are now hosting a competition which is loosely based on DTM, which for those who don't know is the German Touring Car Championship.

This competition is open to everyone here at Ruff Gaming, but because we have been running competitions on Forza for a while now, in the event we are over subscribed, first refusal will be given to those drivers who have taken part before.

The race format for each race night will be the same as the last touring car championship, with a short qualifying session (ghost cars), followed by the first race, with the grid in qualifying order. After this first, there is a quick 5 minute interval before the 2nd race, where the grid order is the reversed.

As with all Forza competitions we will be enforcing the following the stipulations:

Damage and Collisions ON (With the exception of the qualifying sessions)
Easiest Steering Allowed: Normal
Easiest Braking Allowed: ABS ON
Traction/Stability Control: Driver Preference
Gearing: Driver Preference

For the cars, T3RRAF0RM has come up with a great selection to use (Possibly more to be confirmed):

2011 Audi A4 Touring Car
2004 Audi ABT TT-R
Mercedes AMG C-Class Touring Car
2003 Opel Astra V8

Unfortunately he did try and include a BMW, but due to the restrictions on Forza, he wasn't able to tune it up to the required level.

This brings me nicely into the performance/tuning part. Every car will be tuned by T3RRAF0RM, who will also be providing the liveries to ensure that each car is as evenly matched as possible. The cars will be available in the Ruff Gaming Club Garage soon to allow the drivers to test which cars they want to use. All the cars will be tuned to R2 level! Only the cars placed in the garage by T3RRAF0RM for this competition may be used and no tuning will be allowed by the drivers.

The competition will be a team competition with the team draw taking place this weekend, giving the drivers a few days to come up with a team name and to choose which car they would like to use - each team must use the same car!

As with all competitions on Ruff Gaming there are rules that we ask everyone to adhere to and most of you will have taken part know them like the back of their hands but for anyone who wants a reminder or for anyone who hasn't raced before, please Click Here! for a full breakdown of the rules.

The track details will be released on the night of the previous stage, with the first stage details as follows:

Track: Hockenheimring Full Circuit
Date: 28th January 2014
Time: 10pm start

Now time for the prizes!!

The winner of the individual championship gets 400 Microsoft points (or equivalent), a place in the Ruff Gaming Hall of Fame and one of the recently introduced Ruff Gaming Trophies, personalised to this competition. The winning team will also be entered into the Ruff Gaming Hall of Fame and each driver presented with a Ruff Virtual Gaming Trophy.

I think that pretty much covers everything, however if you have any further questions please post them on the questions section, which can be found Click Here!

Just want to take this opportunity to thank T3RRAF0RM for coming up with the whole idea and putting loads of work in with the cars etc.

If you are ready to take to the track then sign up below!

Starting Grid:
1. RuffianStew
2. Iceman D18
4. Darkestfrost
5. WombleMK3
6. PGtips77
7. RaingodZippo
8. Wackybar
9. Mikethemute
10. TheTaffman
11. SMB91
12. The Mehwarrior
13. J Rambo

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RuffiansFC GoalKeeper
Yes please



Should be another blast!!


Ya ya bitte



RuffiansFC Player
I'm in


RuffiansFC Player
Sign me up Smile


RuffiansFC Player
I'm in


I'll have a go again lol

The Mehwarrior2

The RuffCast Host & RuffiansFC Player
Hell yeah I'm in


I'll happily sign up. I look forward to being disconnected 2 laps in Smile


ABS ON? Aww man Smile


RuffiansFC Player
SMB91 wrote:ABS ON? Aww man Smile

That's the easiest braking allowed, you can have it off if you prefer, it's written like that so people don't try and use assisted braking


Ooooohhhh I thought it mean't ABS is Forced on. Sorry my bad


RuffiansFC Player
SMB91 wrote:Ooooohhhh I thought it mean't ABS is Forced on. Sorry my bad

Easy mistake to make! The settings are the same as the previous championship

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