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RTCM 2014 - Round 1 Highlights - By Womble MK3

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Ruffians FC Captain
RTCM 2014 - Round 1 Highlights - By Womble MK3 Ruff_g31
RTCM 2014 - Round 1 Highlights
By womblemk3

Last week saw our latest Forza 4 competition - the Ruff Touring Car Masters 2014 Championship take to the track for round 1. Ruff Gamer - womblemk3 has put together a fantastic video of the race highlights for us to enjoy and relive the action over and over again which you can view below.

Also please go over to Wombles YouTube page to leave a comment and hit the like button - Click Here!

Feel free to comment on this video below.

A massive thanks from me to Womble for making the cracking video!



RTCM 2014 - Round 1 Highlights - By Womble MK3 6958
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RuffiansFC Player
Brilliant. Finally got to watch it now my internet seems to be quite stable. Laughed out loud at the Meh/Stew "tangles" - Stew you auditioning for the Olympic Ice Dance championship?

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