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Ruffians FC Fixture Night - 15th April 2015 - 9pm Onwards!

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RuffiansFC Player

Ruffians FC
Fifa 15
Xbox One
15th April 2015
9pm Onwards

Ruffians FC will once again be taking to the field on Wednesday for our regular fixture night!! This week our regular 'Any' player the Mehwarrior is taking a break in the sun so if you wish to step up to the mantle please let me know!

Ruffian Stew has been working hard on the site and has relaunched the Ruff Gaming TV Youtube channel where you can find all kinds of highlights (and low lights) for Ruffians FC. If you want to be featured on our channel then make sure you send the clips to Ruffian Stew (Check out for how to get them accross to him!) and you get yourself in the monthly highlights video! I'm saving most of the goals and other highlights (red cards etc) but if there is something you think deserves to be on there, get them saved and sent across! The March monthly highlights video will be available to view soon!

Players who sign up get priority of positions, so if you don't sign up, whilst there might be room in the team, you might be stuck out of position!

If you are not 100% sure that you are going to be on then still sign up and I will put you on the sub bench.

See you on the pitch!

Starting Line Up
1. Iceman D18

Subs Bench
1. Prince

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RuffiansFC Player
Put me down as a maybe as i won't be back from work until 11.20pm! Crying or Very sad


RuffiansFC Player
Will be there.

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