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New Government VED Plans

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1 New Government VED Plans on Thu Jul 09, 2015 1:53 pm


RuffiansFC Player
I know this doesn’t really have anything to do with gaming but I would love to get other people’s opinions on this subject…..

With regards to the Governments new VED (Vehicle Exercise Duty) bands that are due to be implemented on Vehicles registered after 1st April 2017. The basics of it is that for the first year you will pay a rate based on the emissions of your car between £0 and £2,000 and then every year after that you pay the ‘standard rate’ of £140 a year. This applies to all vehicles which has a list price of £40,000 or less, with vehicles with a list price over this having to pay an extra £310 a year on top of the standard yearly rate (totalling £450). The reasoning behind this is to reduce the average yearly payment of each driver from £166 to £140. The money generated by his new VED scheme is going to be used at improving the road network of the UK.

To put that in perspective, my car currently costs me £30 a year in Road Tax (Or VED). If I was to buy the exact same car which has a registered date after 1st April 2017, then after the first year I would be paying the same VED as people who own the following cars (after the first 12 months):

Audi A6
Mercedes C Class
Lotus Elise
BMW 5 Series
Any Mazda
Lexus IS

How is that fair?! My car has produces a lower carbon emission that a Lotus Elise yet after 1 year, they both have to pay the same? To me this seems to be punishing those who get the low emissions car and reward those who can afford the more luxurious models.

There was a big push by the government to move towards the Low Emissions Vehicles not so long ago to reduce the carbon footprint but by introducing this people are going to be questioning why they should? A big incentive of moving to a low emission vehicle was the reduced rate of road tax you would have to pay but with the new scheme after 12 months of owning the car you no longer receive this?

The way round this by buying a new car every 12 months but this isn’t viable for most people and the government shouldn’t be encouraging that behaviour. Everyone knows that there is going to be a push to reduce the Carbon Emissions even further because of global warming and the pressure from global focus groups so introducing VED is going to discourage people from buying low emission cars, making these condensed targets much more difficult to achieve.

I’d love to find out if other people have interrupted it the same way?

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