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Rocket League World Championships Sign Up & Details

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Yes, you read that right!! You are all invited to take part in the Rocket League World Championships!!

A 2v2 league then knockout tournament, where you guys pick your own teams!! Yup, no random draws this time round! Find a buddy and enter your team into the competition!!

Don't worry if your a lone wolf either, you can still join in the random section where we draw teams from all of the random folks, or if you can't commit to the entire thing then put your name on the subs list!

The only information i need from you just now is the following:
online username/console you'd like to play on (steam id/gamertag/psn id)
Which league you'd like to participate in? (American/European)
Which section you're signing up for (Team (you and a friend)/Random/Sub)

Sign up's will run for 2 weeks and close on Friday 18th of March at midnight. Random teams will be announced shortly after with the group tables coming shortly after that. A full set of rules will be posted with the first game week starting on Tuesday the 29th at 5 pm GMT.

This is a competition that will be played against other gaming websites and communities. By signing up here you will be representing Ruff Gaming - so once you have your team mate and all signed up also post your team name below - needs to based on a Ruff Gaming Team name.

Any other questions, feel free to ask and make sure to follow me on Twitter @womblemk3 Smile

Xbox One Euro Teams: RuffianStew/IcemanD18, T3RRAFORM/pgtips77, The Mehwarrior2/mikethemute, bluboru/skulduggerer, Godfatherphil87/AsuransProgeny, Henwood/Smurf, Wodan/thetaffman, Shakeylakey/RaingodZippo, WTN Mean Dean/BWD Joker, Quijibojones/J Rambo IV

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Ruffians FC Captain
Count me in to help fly the flag for Ruff Gaming!

Me and IceMan as a team please.

Xbox One - European Server

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- Follow me on Twitter @RuffianStew -


RuffiansFC Player
RuffianStew wrote:Count me in to help fly the flag for Ruff Gaming!

Me and Stew will be the first Ruff Gaming Team! Team name to be announced lol

Xbox one eu server

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Ruff's Trials Evo Champion
Can you put me and pg down as a team please?

Xbox One - European Server

The Mehwarrior2

The RuffCast Host & RuffiansFC Player
Count myself and Mikethemute in on the EU server and Xbox One


RuffiansFC Player
Count me in too as a Lone Wolf


RuffiansFC Player
Shakeylakey wrote:Count me in too as a Lone Wolf

So I'm not good enough for you Shocked Shocked Shocked Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil


RuffiansFC Player
Nah you can be my 'partner' big boy!


RuffiansFC Player
Shakeylakey wrote:Nah you can be my 'partner' big boy!

OK bromance and Shakey are officially an item in this.  Look out world. Euro Xbox.

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