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Rocket League World Championships Info and Teams

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Welcome contenders to the Rocket League World Championships!!

The teams have been finalised, the leagues have been drawn.
The only info i need from you is:
a) A Team Name
b) A Home Stadium and
c) Who is your Team Captain (an important role)

League 1:
Team 1 - Godfatherphil87/AsuransProgeny
Team 2 - The Mehwarrior2/mikethemute
Team 3 - RuffianStew/Iceman D18 (c)
BluSkul - bluboru/skulduggerer (c)
Team 5 - quijibojones/J Rambo IV

League 2:
Team 1 - The Henwood/Smurftastic23
Team 2 - Shakeylakey/RaingodZippo
Team 3 - WtN MeanDean/BWD Joker
Team 4 - T3RRAFORM/pgtips77
Obtuse Dragons - oO WODAN Oo/thetaffman (c) Coliseum Night

Now onto the rest of the info:
1) Gameplay
a) A weekly game will consist of 3 matches.
b) All 3 matches will be played out regardless of outcome (it's not best of 3).
c) 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, for a max of 9 points possible for a game.
d) Matches will be held in Exhibition Mode with no mutators and no bots.
e) Home teams map is used for all 3 games. Home team chooses to be Red or Blue for the first match, Away team for second and Home team for third. Home maps must be declared before the tournament begins and cannot be changed.
f) Game week begins on Tuesday at 5pm and ends the following Tuesday at 4:59pm. Teams have this time to schedule their games (take note of this, team captains must liaise with each other and organise a suitable time for their match to be played, any issues please contact myself in the first instance), play their games and report scores and stats. Failure to do this will result in 0 points for the week. Both team captains must report their scores/stats by Tuesday at 4:59pm.
g) Gameweek 1 starts on Tuesday 29th March at 5 pm

2) Teams
a) Team captains will be agreed upon by each team. The captains will report team names and home field, as well as stats, game results, and any complaints.
b) In the case of one player on a team having to leave because of work, family, or hardware problems, the remaining player may contact myself and I will stand in for them.

3) League
a) European League will have two divisions each with 5 teams.
b)Each team will play 4 games, or each team once in their division. Each team will have 2 home, 2 away matches and a bye week.
c) Top four in each division will advance to the playoffs with #1 ranked team playing #4 ranked team from the other league and #2 playing #3 from the other league. #1 and #2 ranked teams will have home advantage.
d) In a case of a tie in points in the playoff positions, Goal Difference will be used to determine final ranking position. In the event of a tie in this, goals for will be used and in the event of that being tied goals against. In the extremely unlikely event that all these are the same, a one match playoff will be held.
e) Playoffs are best of 5 matches, first team to 3 wins advances. Top ranked team is the home team (with home map) and chooses the starting team colour (red or blue), alternating them every match. In case of tie, play sudden death matches until there is a winner, alternating team colours.

4) Stats
a) Each team captain will record stats after each match.
b) Reported stats are as follows...
1) Match score (for all three matches)
2) Individual goals

5) Conduct
Please adhere to this COC. We are all adults, and this is a friendly competition. Rage-quitting, cheating, glitching and other misconduct will not be tolerated. If there are any problems, questions or complaints, they are to be directed to myself in the first instance.

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Rocket League World Championships Info and Teams F19cbcd4-93c7-4b6c-ad47-d1429538e402_zpswszv1lw3


RuffiansFC Player
Greetings from the Italian Alps.

Away this week but back Sunday. Hopefully me and my gorgeous partner Raingod can get our matches in Monday/Tues next week.


League Tables and Top Goalscorers
Rocket League World Championships Info and Teams League%201_zpsj18xni0q

Rocket League World Championships Info and Teams League%202_zpskbt0xbw4

Rocket League World Championships Info and Teams Top%20Scorers_zpsw1jf0zol


Week 2 League Tables and Top Scorers

Rocket League World Championships Info and Teams League%201_zpsl7oxqvef

Rocket League World Championships Info and Teams League%202_zpsxqcm8ze0

Rocket League World Championships Info and Teams Top%20Scorers_zpss94u1xpj


Final League Tables and Quarter Final Match ups...
Rocket League World Championships Info and Teams League%201_zpsvmxz3hmk

Rocket League World Championships Info and Teams League%202_zpshvng7lil

Rocket League World Championships Info and Teams Top%20Scorers_zps0txxrrhf

Quarter Finals are as follows (Home team is the team on the left):
M&M United v smurf4podcast
Exeter Gently v Obtuse Dragons
Desperados v Norfolk Inchance
The Rocketeers v Captain Chaos and the Southern Softie

Wodan spoon playoff
Bluskul v Team 8

Good luck gentlemen, you have until Thursday the 19th to complete your matches.

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