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Microsoft Xbox E3 Announcement 2016

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1 Microsoft Xbox E3 Announcement 2016 on Mon Jun 13, 2016 7:27 pm


RuffiansFC Player

Now that I've calmed down after what I feel was a really good E3 presentation by Xbox I thought I'd start a discussion to get peoples views etc.

First thing that really caught my attention was 'Play Anywhere'. It gives an added incentive to go for that Digital Purchase if you are both an Xbox/PC gamer. With the cross platform capability it is handy for those who don't always have control of the TV (Ruffian Stew I'm looking at you!).

Secondly the games...oh boy the games. Gears 4 looks out of this world and has jumped to a Day one purchase for me, along side Battlefield 1 (Which was already up there!). A big surprise was Forza Horizon 3 but oh boy did that look pretty impressive. We've always had some brilliant race nights on the Horizon games so I'm really looking forward to that. Dead Rising 4 looked pretty good, can't beat a good zombie game and it looked like it was heading back to it's roots! There is going to be some pretty empty wallets around September/October time!

Moving onto the Xbox One S which initially looked like a good idea...but then Microsoft scored an own goal by announcing Project Scorpio. Why would anyone drop anything for the Xbox One S only for a much much better console to be released 18 months later. Whilst the idea of 4K gaming, VR Capability, 60 trillion gigabits (I was too excited to note the tech specs) all sounds great, one thing I'd be worried about is the cost of such a machine. I'm no PC gamer but I know a decent gaming PC will cost you around £800-£1,000, now Project Scorpio is effectively a compact gaming PC so what is the price tag going to be?

All in all I thought there was some great announcements and would love to hear the communities thoughts on this.... please comment below....

2 Re: Microsoft Xbox E3 Announcement 2016 on Mon Jun 13, 2016 7:39 pm


RuffiansFC Player
No real surprises, was expecting Horizon 3 and Australia strangely enough - only place really big enough to make this "BIG". No interest in Gears, but it does look pretty. Xbox One S and Project Scorpio exactly as expected. No interest in Scalebound or Recore. Even Halo Wars 2 left me cold.

Maybe the only thing which really peaked my interest was Sea of Thieves - imagine a Ruff Gaming Crew jolly rodgering all and sundry - just don't let Stew drive the ship.

3 Re: Microsoft Xbox E3 Announcement 2016 on Mon Jun 13, 2016 8:53 pm


RuffiansFC Player
Sea of Thieves does look awesome! Although I agree, Stew is going nowhere near the helm! Get him down below repairing the inevitable holes haha

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