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The Euro Ruff's 2016 - Tournament Rules & Info

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Ruffians FC Captain

Below hopefully is all the information and rules you need to take part in the Euro Ruff's 2016! If you are unsure of anything then please don't hesitate to post any questions you may have below or contact me over on Twitter @RuffianStew.

The Euro Ruff's 2016 is our summer Tournament on the Xbox One using Fifa 16. The main rule and theme that we like to have running through our competitions is to yes be competitive but have a laugh and keep it fun! Banter yes but going over the top is not what we are after - unless it is aimed at me and ask the Ruff Gaming Veterans that anything goes!!

The structure of the competition is based on the real life Euro's that are being held at the moment in France. A group stage then onto last 16 then quarter finals then semi finals and then the winner is crowned in a final match! We will be holding a 3rd/4th play off match for the 2 losing semi finalists - just so we can all rub salt into the wound that you was so close to glory.

At the group stage everybody will play everyone in your group twice. So you will play 6 matches in total at the group stage. The top 2 placed teams will go through to the last 16 round. The 4 best third placed teams will advance to the last 16 round. The 2 worst placed third placed teams will go out. All 4th placed teams with go out. In the group stage it is 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw and goal difference will count in this tournament the same way it does in real football.

The knockout stage matches will all be 1 match. If it is a draw once the 90 mins is complete then you will play another match to get the result. No away goals or anything like that count in this tournament. You will keep playing matches in the knockout round until a clear winner is decided.

The group stage matches, each player will host one of their 2 matches against the same opponent and when hosting you get the choice of the kit you wish to play in. If neither player is bothered then the same player can host both matches but both players have to agree to that.

To play any Euro Ruff tournament match then use the online friendlies to play the match and have it to set to 6 mins per half and all squads must be fully updated.

If you lose connection, drop out or quit then the team left in gets the win and it is recorded as a 1 goal more than what the result was at the time of the team left. If both players lose connection then a full rematch is required. If the players can agree that the result still stands, for example it crashes in the 85th minute and its 5-0 then I am happy the result can still stand. But both players must be happy with that. If either or both players can not agree with the outcome then you both must contact me and I will make the final call on the outcome.

You must use the team that you was drawn in the draw and no swapping or changing of the team or squad in anyway. It must be fully updated - which can be done in the settings. If you are unsure then contact me and I will help you do that.

All results must be posted in the correct section of the forum by one of the players from that match. This counts for group and knockout matches.

Any questions please post below - I am very sure I will have missed something lol

Lastly and most importantly - HAVE FUN!





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