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The Euro Ruff's - Group D Table and Post Results

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Ruffians FC Captain

Group D League Table
1. Kevinfai1985 - W6 D0 L0 GD24 18Pts
2. PGtips - W3 D1 L2 GD0 10Pts
3. Coyote Cub - W2 D0 L4 GD-10 6Pts
4. EFC1987 - W0 D1 L5 GD-14 1Pt


Please post results for this group below

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Tonights group D games

Italy 4 v 2 Slovenia

Italy 2 v 2 Slovenia

Italy 1 v 4 Czech Republic

Italy 1 v 3 Czech Replubic

3 Results from group D on Thu Jun 16, 2016 8:40 pm


czech republic 5 - 1 Slovenia
Czech republic 5- 0 Slovenia

Czech republic 6-0 Belgium
Czech republic 4-0 Belgium


Italy 2 v 0 Belgium

Italy 2 v 1 Belgium


Sorry forgot to post, my bad.

Belgium 2 - 0 Slovenia
Belgium 1 - 0 Slovenia

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