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Ruffians FC Fixture Night - 13th July 2016 - 9pm Onwards

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RuffiansFC Player

Ruffians FC
Fifa 16
Xbox One
13th July 2016
9pm Onwards

With Euro 2016 at an end Ruffians FC will once again be taking to the pitch this Wednesday as your weekly football fix as the new season approaches!

Through the latter part of this season we have been working on improving the ways people sign up to ensure everyone gets a fair chance at every position and the majority of people have reacted well to picking a position when you sign up so going forward through the summer and potentially into Fifa 17 (If we make it that far!) we will be continuing to work on this basis!

This week we will be using the 4 4 2 (Diamond Wide) formation so effectively we need the following:

2 Forwards (Left/Right)
4 Midfield (CAM/LM/CDM/RM)
4 Defenders (Left/Right/CB/CB)
1 Goalkeeper

I'm not going to pick a position, giving everyone else chance to sign up first! I'll just jump in where there is a gap! (Can't say I'm not fair!)

Going forward I will only be able to get online from around 9.30pm so please start and will join when I can!

For this weeks Kit poll, we are going to honour Portugal's (as shocking as it was) victory in the Euro's and use kits from the Portuguese Liga NOS:

Arouca (0)
Boavista (3)
Maritimo (1)
Rio Ave  (1)

My vote goes to Boavista!!  bounce

To Summarise, when signing up please include what position you would like to play on the night and your vote in the kit poll  

See you on the pitch!

Starting Line Up
1. Iceman D18 (9.30pm Onwards)
2. Raingod Zippo (CAM)
3. Danieldavidflaz (RF)
4. Oddbeatty (LF)
5. Mikethemute (LM)
6. Prince (RM)
7. Shakey Lakey (CDM)

Subs Bench

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RuffiansFC Player
I'm in, CAM and Boavista for me.


In please and RF or LF for me please boavista too


yea LF and Rio Ave


RuffiansFC Player
i'll be on.
Maritimo for me


RuffiansFC Player
Right wing for me please. Thanks.


RuffiansFC Player
In. I'll have cdm please.

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