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Ruffians FC Fixture - Weds 21st April (Highlight's Added)

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Ruffians FC Captain
Ruffians FC Fixture - Weds 21st April


I will be setting up the 1st match of the evening at 8:30pm and playing until late. Join when you can and play as much as you want - play 1 game or play 8 games thats fine with me. Everybodies welcome!

Don't forget this is a chance for you to score a goal and get it entered into the Goal of the Month Comp for April!

So grab your Football Boots and lets get playing!

1. RuffianStew
2. BigAndiD
3. Xx em xX
4. Ninja nash09
5. RaingodZippo
6. Mad Hans Gruber
7. X bulldog

Subs Bench/Maybe

Also starting this week we will be starting something new. I will be awarding a Man of the Match Award for the player who plays the best overall in all the matches played that game night.

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RuffiansFC Player
sign me up mate, looking forward to it, as its been a while.

Nash Effect

RuffiansFC Player
i'm in stew

X x em x X

Im IN!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy


RuffiansFC Player
Count me in.


Ruffians FC Captain
Well that was another great night of Football with Ruffian's FC. A big thanks to BigAndiD, Xx em xX, Ninja nash09, RaingodZippo, Mad Hans Gruber & X bulldog for playing.

We all played some great football - I think everybody who played got on the score sheet which was great aswell.

As for the Player of the Match Award for the evening I think it was very close between X bulldog - for scoring another crazy amount of goals, RaingodZippo - for scoring the goal of the night (& maybe goal of the Month!) and BigAndiD - for also scoring a bucket full of goals but also marshalling the defence as he played as "Any" on the team selection which isn't easy as most of us have found out the hard way!

So the Winner for tonights Player of Match Award is - BigAndiD (Was hard to call between the 3 though!)

On another note - we didn't pick up one single Red Card all night! Very unlike us lol!

Thanks again guys and gals for taking part and look forward to playing alongside you all again in Ruffian's FC!



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Ruffians FC Captain
Here are the highlights for you to enjoy!


A great goal against RFC. Well worth a look. Not sure about his celebration though! Made us laugh.

BigAndiD's 1st goal of the night. Great control with a neat finish to beat the keeper!

Great touch to beat the defender and X bulldog finishes well with a fine shot!

Mad Hans Gruber with a great finish after skipping past the defender!

A well taken powerfull low shot on the edge of the box by NinjaNash!

Could this be Goal of the Month for April by RaingodZippo! It certainly is going to be up there! Words don't do it justice so best of just watching it!

The Captain scores on the turn beating a defender and the keeper with a great shot. Great work by X bulldog before the goal!

Em grabs a late goal with a great little toe poke after the 1st shot hits the up right and lands in her path.

Maybe BigAndiD's best goal of the night. Dances past 2 defenders on the edge of the box and beats the keeper with a great finish! Great goal!

A great headed goal from BigAndiD from a Mad Hans Gruber corner.

Almost a repeat of the BigAndiD's 1st headed goal from a corner! Great finish!

A powerfull run that allows X bulldog to skip past the defender then beat the keeper with a great low shot from the edge of the box.

Another very well taken free kick form X bulldog. The free kick gives the keeper no chance as it flies into the top corner!

X bulldogs 1st header is saved well by the keeper but X bulldog doesn't miss the 2nd time!

A great 1st touch and a powerful shot from the edge of the box to beat the keeper. Great goal by BigAndiD!

That's all folks!


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X x em x X

Great night!!! Great higlights my man!!

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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