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Ruffian's Fantasy Football - Season 2010/11 - Rules & Sign up here!!!!

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Ruffians FC Captain
Ruffian's Fantasy Football League 2010/11

Ok guys & gals I have set up a fantasy football league for this up & coming football season.

We are going to use the same one as last year which is run by the Premier League -

There wont be a prize for the winner but just bragging rights! Also there will be R.O.G Points to be won not just for the winner but for everbody taking part and a few other things that I will list here at the start.

All you have to do is head over to the above website & sign up - which is free. Then follow the instructions on the site on how to pick your team, kit, team name and formation etc etc.

You can make your team now but make as many changes to it right up until the 1st match.

Any questions you have post below or PM me.

To join the private league that I have set up - Go to the League link on the side tab and go to Create/Join. The enter the following code to join the private league.

League Code - 79507-25513

To qualify for the prize you have to be a member of this site and post below to sign up.

Spread the word among your friends who might like to take part - all they have to do is be a member of this site to take part. Easy as that!

Post below if want to take part & also post your team name so we know whos who!

The Ruffian's of Gaming Fantasy Football League Season - 2010/2011

1. RuffianStew - Ruffian's FC
2. X x em x X - YNWA F.C
3. TheGoalMachine - TBA
4. BigAndiD - And in 1st place
5. Stucowie - T-Bo Town
6. Bunders77 - Team Bunders
7. RUBiX - RUBiX Rovers
8. Wackybar8 - Wackybar FC
9. Obesia Blue - Pattsun FC
10. mikethemute - Mike's green army
11. X Bulldog - Liverpool Legends
12. RaingodZippo - Raingod Rovers
13. NinjaNash - Team Nash
14. Shrieffpyewpe - Pyewipe Rebel Army

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- Follow me on Twitter @RuffianStew -

X x em x X

Yes Please!

Team name YNWA F.C (You'll Never Walk Alone)

Last edited by X x em x X on Sun Aug 08, 2010 5:47 pm; edited 1 time in total


Count me in, what's the League Code


RuffiansFC Player
I'm a sucker for these things, sign me up.


RuffiansFC Player
I've joined Smile

Team Name - T-Bo Town


Yep count me in Team Bunders


Deffo joining this league, my team is spot. Rubix Rovers for the win!


RuffiansFC Player
Just signed up team name Wackybar FC


RuffiansFC Player
Blocked in work, will need to make a point of setting this up when i get in.


RuffiansFC Player
Trying to take part, however as this is the 3rd year I have done this I already have an account...just can't remember my password...will keep you posted Shocked Shocked Rolling Eyes

Nash Effect

RuffiansFC Player
Done mine Stew Its Team Nash


RuffiansFC Player
Oh yeah, ets get this show on the road:

And in 1st place

obesia blue

RuffiansFC Goal of the Season Winner
i'm in,
you will all be destroyed by Pattsun FC

just so you know i won my work league last season by 78 points


RuffiansFC Player
I've signed up last minute.
Mike's green army


RuffiansFC Player
Pyewipe Rebel Army ready to recieve no points

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