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World Cup 2010: South Africa - Final Standings & Round - Up

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Ruffians FC Captain
Ruffian's Fantasy Football - World Cup 2010: South Africa

Well thats it the 2010 World Cup has now come to an end. The last ball has been kicked & the last Vuvuzela has been blown (Thank god to the latter!) of South Africa 2010.

I think you will agree that it was a great World Cup with some brilliant football being played and some teams pulling shock results along the way. A special mention to Ghana for carrying Africa's hopes as far as they did even though they were cheated in the end.

We won't mention England's poor - sorry I mean VERY poor effort of this tournament!

A massive well done to Spain!!

Now down to the serious stuff - Who won the Ruffian's League???

Here are the final league standings -

1. Ruffian's FC - RuffianStew - 143pts
2. Pyewipe Rebel Army - ShrieffPyewipe - 142pts
3. BigAndiD XI - BigAndiD - 124pts
4. Woodlesford Wanderers - ShrieffPyewipe - 117pts
5. efc sonic soldier 2 - efcsonicsoldier - 107pts
6. efc sonic soldier - efcsonicsoldier - 98pts
7. Old School - X Bulldog - 93pts
8. The Ruffian's - RuffianStew - 91pts
9. World Beaters - X Bulldog - 89pts
10. The Zippos - RaingodZippo - 86pts
11. BigAndiD XXII - BigAndiD - 84pts
12. Rodger's Jammy Dodgers - mikethemute - 79pts
13. team Ninja 1 - NinjaNash - 74pts
14. The Raingods - RaingodZippo - 73pts
15. Darkestfrost FC - Darkestfrost - 65pts
16. barbers pub team - Barber92003 - 64pts
17. Plymouth Rovers - mikethemute - 62pts
18. barbers 11 - Barber92003 - 54pts
19. You'll Never Walk Alone FC - Xx em xX - 50pts
20. World In Motion - Xx em xX - 44pts
21. Frosts flyers - Darkestfrost - 39pts

Ok Ok before anybody says a word its not a fix! lol some how I managed to scrape victory by 1 point!

A massive thanks to everybody that took part & hope you all had fun!

As it goes my Gold Xbox runs out in the next two weeks so I wont complain at the Gold code for winning Very Happy

The Prizes and Points are as below -

1st - 3 Months Gold Xbox Live Code + 25 R.O.G Pts
2nd - 1 Month Gold Xbox Live Code + 20 R.O.G Pts
3rd - 15 R.O.G Pts
4th - 10 R.O.G Pts
5th & Below - 5 R.O.G Pts

Also every community member to enter into the league also gets 5 R.O.G Pts.

Note - I haven't updated the R.O.G Pts system yet but I have a record of what is awarded & I will update them very soon!

Once again a massive thanks for taking part!!


World Cup 2010: South Africa - Final Standings & Round - Up 6958
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RuffiansFC Player
oh yeah, 15 ROG points for me cheers

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