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Ruffian's FC Fixture Night - Weds 24th Nov 2010 - RFC Vs 360Gamercast

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Ruffians FC Captain
Ruffian's FC Fixture - Weds 24th November 2010
Ruffian's FC Needs You!!!!!!

Game - Fifa 11
System - Xbox 360
Date - 24/11/10
Start Time - 8:30pm
Finish Time - No set time
Places - 11
DLC - No

Fancy taking to the football field and pulling on the Ruff FC shirt??

This match night is going to be a re-match against's Fifa team who we played last week.

We had 2 great matches against them with a 5-1 win and a 2-2 draw - Click here for the match report on the 2 matches.

With spaces limited to only 11 players it will be 1st come 1st serve for the 1st team places.

If you fancy playing post below to book your place but please only book a spot if your 100% sure going to turn up!

I will be picking who plays where for this match as it is more than just a normal match night. I will let you know where you are playing in the lobby just before the match.

If they only want to play a couple of matches again we will stay on to play normal random matches as we normally do.

1. RuffianStew (Captain)
2. mrdaafies
3. obesia blue
4. Darkestfrost (Keeper)
5. RaingodZippo
6. X Bulldog
7. BigAndiD
8. Ninja nash09
9. aceplantman
10. MickyB
11. mikethemute (Late Starter)

Maybe/Subs Bench

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RuffiansFC Player
count me in. that will be 1230pm for me. i can play for at least an hour orso

obesia blue

RuffiansFC Goal of the Season Winner
sign me up boss, im a definate this week, no worries about timing on wednesdays


RuffiansFC GoalKeeper
I'm in! Hope to keep a clean sheet this time.


RuffiansFC Player
For the Glory of The Empire...I shall be there alien


RuffiansFC Player
I'm back from being unavailable for a month, sign me up.

Nash Effect

RuffiansFC Player
im in stew


RuffiansFC Player
I've left it a bit late but count me in!


RuffiansFC Player
Dear Gaffer...

I'm over the groin injury that's kept me out for a few weeks and I will be back for tomorrow nights game Very Happy


Mickyb(efc1987) Cool


RuffiansFC Player
I'll be on usual time. Hopefully they won't away scared before I turn up this week

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