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RuffiansFC - Important Fixture Info From 17th Aug to 7th Sept 2011

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Ruffians FC Captain
RuffiansFC - Important Fixture Info
17th Aug to 7th Sept 2011

Just a quick heads up for the RuffiansFC players that I might be offline after Wednesday 17th August till sometime early in September (around the 7th I reckon). I will try my best to be on and play the normal Weds evening Ruff FC slots in those few weeks but I can't say for 100% that I will be on. Nothing to worry about and if I do go AWOL and you guys don't see me online (on the 360 or here) for a couple of weeks I will defently be back!

It's nothing to worry about but Em & me are moving house on Friday 19th August and I will not have any internet for the 1st few weeks in our new home. The internet is all ordered and they are coming to fix it up but Sky say it will be around 2-3 weeks after we move in that then I will be back online. Now I might still make it online for a few RuffiansFC sessions in this time as I can pop round my parents (don't live to far away) with my 360 under my arm and hopefully jump on for a few games with you guys.

So what I reckon is best is that I won't post up any fixture night threads for you guys to sign up to and book your place like I normally do. I would just say see who's on when your looking to play (normal Weds or other times too!) and message each other to get fixture nights set up and played. As most of you guys know there is normally a few of you on most nights of the week and are up for playing. If I am going to be on I will let the team know via twitter etc and see whos up for playing.

Soon as my internet is up and running I will post up the normal fixture nights on here for you guys to sign up to and we can get things back to normal from then onwards.

I am not totally off the grid for those 2-3 weeks so if you do find a problem with RuffiansFC or this site in anyway please contact me via twitter (PM) or leave a message over Xbox Live and I should get it right away.

So all that is left to say is enjoy the normal RuffiansFC nights and I will be on when I can and if not before the 7th Sept defently from the 7th Sept!



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hope the move goes well and you get a decent internet speed in your new home!! Very Happy

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