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Anybody seen the new Planet of the Apes movie?

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Ruffians FC Captain
Just wondered if anybody has seen the new Planet of the Apes movie and what you guys think of it?

I have heard some good things about it and was thinking is this worth a cinema trip or wait to rent it?

Cheers guys


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Anybody seen the new Planet of the Apes movie? 6958
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x bulldog

x bulldog
Ruff's Fifa League Champion Season 04 & 05, RuffiansFC Player
I didnt go the pics to see it but it is a good film worth a watch. But after the inbetweeners which I haven't seen yet lol

Baw Kicker

Baw Kicker
RuffiansFC Player
i didnt watch it in the pictures either but i thought it was good man, its got genetically modified talking monkeys and shit and the bit where they all form like Voltron and take out some military helicopters is the dogs ball sack.

Take the missus on an Orange Wednesday 2 for 1 and show off acting cool buying a large Fanta.

Know what im saying ?

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