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RuffiansFC Match Highlights - August 2011

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1RuffiansFC Match Highlights - August 2011 Empty RuffiansFC Match Highlights - August 2011 on Mon May 07, 2012 3:55 pm


Ruffians FC Captain
RuffiansFC Match Highlights - August 2011 Ruffia23
RuffiansFC Match Highlights - August 2011

So it has taken a while but here at last are the highlights for RuffiansFC back in August 2011. Also I hold my hands up as there is an editing problem with the video a little way in and a piece of video that I wanted to cut out slipped into the final video. It isn't a major problem but it's enough to annoy me! Oh and also ignore the spelling mistake that is now bugging me lol - Both mess up's I only noticed after it was to late but oh well. On a brighter note you can see a cracking penalty from me (the team picks on me for my poor score rate from the spot Wink ) in the highlights and also a few clips on the art of how to tackle! Enjoy!

Thats all folks!

P.s - Remember to click on the bottom left corner to get rid of the adverts (I can't get rid of them if we want to have music with the video's)

RuffiansFC Match Highlights - August 2011 6958
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