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The Ruff Forza Championship 2016 - The Final Word

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Ruffians FC Captain
The Ruff Forza Championship 2016 - The Final Word Ruff_f14
The Ruff Forza Championship 2016

The final race has been fought over and we have our champion!

T3RRAF0RM I think you all will agree is a worthy champion and deserves the title. He earns himself a place in the Ruff Gaming Hall of Fame!

Mehwarrior was very close behind T3RRA in 2nd place and pushed him all the way not giving T3RRA any room for mistakes. It was a cracking battle between those 2 on the track and awesome to watch.

I want to thank everybody that took part in the championship making it one of our most successful to date! A special mention and thanks goes to Iceman for helping me plan and set this championship up - It wouldnt have been half as successful without him! Feel free to comment below on anything to do with the competition. Also please post below anything you think we can do to make our Forza comps even more successful and fun!

A massive thanks to everybody!

The Ruff Forza Championship will return in 2017 - But don't worry plenty more Forza Championships and events heading this way soon for 2016!



The Ruff Forza Championship 2016 - The Final Word Ruff_f15

The Ruff Forza Championship 2016 - The Final Word 6958
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