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Dragons Dogma game info and friends pawn list

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1 Dragons Dogma game info and friends pawn list on Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:29 am


RuffiansFC Player
Hello and welcome to my first topic post. I have been asked by stew to give people a little insight into Dragons Dogma. Having spent 157 hours on this game i can definatley recommend. Dragons Dogma is a RPG with a differance that stands out from the others Skyrim Witcher etc in Dragons Dogma you get to travel with 3 pawns to help you with your game one created by yourself two that can be computer generated or created by other players the advantage of this being any pawn you take with you you gain their knowledge of where they have been who they have faced in the game so the higher the pawn you have the better you will do also the advantage of friends pawns is the ability to gift weapons armour and items.

I have been asked by stew to post a section where you can leave your gamertag and pawn name so other forum members can join you in your quest so i will start.

And as this is my first posted topic any comments (criticism aswell) please get in touch with me either through the forum xbox live gamertag DAVE AVFC or tweet me @daveash1978

Also if any more information is needed please dont hesitate to get in touch

cheers really hope you all enjoy this game as much as i do

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RuffiansFC Player
To get everything started i will post my game info

my gamertag is DAVE AVFC
my pawn name is louise
and although gamer vocation can be changed she will mainly be a mage or a Sorcerer her current level is 72


RuffiansFC GoalKeeper
Nicely done Dave. However, I couldn't help but read your post, changing the word pawn for porn. Lol!

Gamer tag - darkestfrost
Porn - Debbie does dallas

Feel freeto take it with you to gain her knowledge!

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