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Ruff Gaming Beers n Gears Night - 10th April 2015 - 9pm Onwards

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RuffiansFC Player

Ruff Gaming Presents...
Bears n Gears Gamernight
Gears of War: Judgement
10th April 2015
9pm Onwards
Host: Iceman D18

This month we are getting spoiled in terms of games for gold this month, one of those being Gears of War: Judgement!!

With it being free this month, we thought this would be a perfect time to crank up the 360's and hit the battlefield!! Doesn't matter about your skill level and we welcome all members of the Ruff Gaming community, not just the old guard!

We will be playing a variety of modes and maps, mixing it up. With regards to DLC, we will play maps that everyone has access to, so if you don't have DLC we will play vanilla!

If the event proves popular and exceeds the 10 player lobby, we will run multiple lobbies side by side!

If this sounds like your kind of event then please sign up below! Depending on popularity we might be running more in the near future!

Over and Out


Front Line
1. Iceman D18
2. Pgtips77
3. Ruffian Stew
4. Gary Cridland
5. Raingod Zippo
6. Taffman
7. Catbhoy
8. Immortal Rogue (via Twitter!)

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Yes count me in


Ruffians FC Captain
Oh yes count me in mate


- Follow me on Twitter @RuffianStew -

Gary Cridland

Count me in guys


RuffiansFC Player
Gary Cridland wrote:Count me in guys

Hi and Welcome to the Ruffgaming Forums!

When you get a change, please can you head over to our Welcome Mat ( ) and put a quick post introducing yourself to the rest of the gang... most of them don't bite...

Thanks for signing up to our gamernight, I think I've already got you on my Friends List, but I'll double check when I get home! If you have any questions about the site, please don't hesitate to contact the site owner (Ruffian Stew) or myself.

Look forward to gaming with you in the future! bounce


RuffiansFC Player
I like the "Doesn't matter about your skill level " bit...I'm in.


my chainsaw is at the ready


RuffiansFC Player
Count me in :-)


RuffiansFC Player
Great to see such a good turn out for tonight's gamernight! With the numbers we can more than comfortably host Private games!

Catch you guys later! bounce

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