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The Ruff Platoon - Sniper Hunting! (BF4)

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1The Ruff Platoon - Sniper Hunting! (BF4) Empty The Ruff Platoon - Sniper Hunting! (BF4) on Tue May 12, 2015 4:15 pm


Ruffians FC Captain
The Ruff Platoon - Sniper Hunting! (BF4) Ruffga10
The Ruff Platoon - Sniper Hunting

The Ruff Platoon is our Battlefield 4/Hardline clan on the Xbox One - This video footage was sent from the front line by Ruff Platoon members MiketheMute and T3RRAF0RM of how the Ruff Platoon like to deal with sneaky snipers on BF4!!!

Who needs guns! This is a classic clip and must watch!

If you are having trouble viewing the video - Click Here!

A massive thanks to MiketheMute and T3RRAF0RM for sending in their clips for this video and a giant thanks to Immortal Rogue for helping me creat this video!

Feel free to comment on this video by posting below and also head over to our YouTube page and hit the like button - Click Here to Like!



The Ruff Platoon - Sniper Hunting! (BF4) 6958
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