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Ruffian's FC Fixture - Tues 27th April (Highlights Added)

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Ruffians FC Captain
Ruffians FC Fixture - Tues 27th April


I will be setting up the 1st match of the evening at 8:30pm and playing until late. Join when you can and play as much as you want - play 1 game or play 8 games thats fine with me. Everybodies welcome!

Don't forget this is a chance for you to score a goal and get it entered into the Goal of the Month Comp for April!

So grab your Football Boots and lets get playing!

Post below to book a spot on the team.

1. RuffianStew
2. RaingodZippo
3. Xx em xX
4. Wackybar8 (Debut Night)
5. mikethemute
6. reme22
7. X Bulldog
8. BigAndiD
9. StuCowie
10. Mad Hans Gruber

Subs Bench/Maybe
1. Ninja nash09

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Ruffians FC Captain
Ok if any of you are wondering where all your post's went that was in here I had a few little gremlins and had to reset the thread.

A have transfered the match report and highlights over but all your posts had to be deleted I am afriad. Soz.

Feel free to post on anything in there though that you want.


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Ruffians FC Captain
Match Report

Another fun night of Football with Ruff FC again - I really enjoyed that!

A massive thanks to RaingodZippo, Xx em xX, Wackybar8 (Debut Night), mikethemute, reme22, X Bulldog, BigAndiD, StuCowie & Mad Hans Gruber (sorry if I have missed anyone!)

We had a really great turnout and managed a couple of matches with a full team too which is always great!!

The results were a mixed bag but I think we was unlucky in some of them not to get more (And just plain unlucky to play that team twice who were very good - thumped us twice!)

X Bulldog, BigAndiD, reme & mikethemute was our main source of goals tonight and there was some crackers scored too! I think X Bulldog is on the 48-49 mark for goals scored which is very impressive!

mikethemute also grabbed is 1st Hat Trick for the team (we won't mention the missed pen hehe) Well done mike for the Hat Trick!

The Highlights will be up in the next day or 2 so keep an eye on things!

The Winner of the Man of the Match is another tough one but it goes to the mikethemute for is great Hat Trick and his all round brilliant play - was very close between everybody that played but mike edges it tonight!

Another special note goes to new boy - WackyBar. He made his debut for the team tonight and played really well - He was rated in one of the matches as a 9.61 out of ten! One to watch I reckon!

Last but not least a quick mention for maybe the best Own goal so far and that was from BigAndi!!! It gave us all a great laugh so cheers Andi! Laughing Laughing

So a massive thanks for a cracking night of footy!

Cheers guys & gals!



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Ruffians FC Captain
Ok guys here are the Highlights - Enjoy!!


BigAndiD scores a cracker of an own goal!!!!!

X Bulldog gets shown the Red Card after a bad tackle!

Mikethemute scores a great free kick into the top corner in the last min of the match

Mikethemute scores a great chip after he powers past the defence!

RaingodZippo scores with a well placed header from a mikethemutes whipped in free kick.

R.F.C's very own "did it cross the line moment"? reme scores but it pinged around the goal line like mad! Funny goal!

Another great goal from reme!

The Captain gets on the score sheet! A powerfull shot from RuffianStew

reme heads the ball onto X Bulldog who finishes with a fantastic effort!

X Bulldog scores from an impossible angle!! Great goal!

X Bulldog scores a great goal after StuCowie puts a fantastic long pass which splits the defence.

A great team effort. Reme puts a perfect pass in for X Bulldog to score from!!!

X Bulldog scores again! A wonderfull effort from the edge of the box with the outside of his boot! Brilliant!!!

Ooops Mikethemute is unlucky with the penalty!!

Mikethemute scores after X Bulldog does some good work on the wing and passes to Mike.

Thats All Folks!!!!!



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