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Ruffian's FC Fixture - Mon 27th Sept 2010

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1 Ruffian's FC Fixture - Mon 27th Sept 2010 on Sun Sep 26, 2010 4:37 pm


Ruffians FC Captain
Ruffian's FC Fixture - Monday 27th September 2010
Ruffian's FC Needs You!!!!!!

Game - Fifa 10
System - Xbox 360
Date - 27/09/10
Start Time - 8:30pm
Finish Time - No set time
Places - Unlimited
DLC - No

Fancy taking to the football field and pulling on the Ruff FC shirt??

Its nearly time for the last match night of the season with Fifa 10! Can we hit the 50 wins?? We will be giving it a good try!

We are playing an extra night this week to see if we can grab those wins!

Make sure you book a spot as it is becoming very busy on match nights now. If we have more than 10 then will split into 2 teams so everbody will get a game.

This will be your one of the last chances to get a goal entered into the goal of the month comp for September and for the season!! - So sign up & don't miss out!!!!

1. RuffianStew (Captain)
2. RaingodZippo
3. Gnats
4. Darkestfrost
5. X Bulldog
6. MadHansGruber
7. Ninja Nash
8. Obesia Blue
9. Cookies n footy

Maybe/Subs Bench

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2 Re: Ruffian's FC Fixture - Mon 27th Sept 2010 on Sun Sep 26, 2010 5:24 pm


RuffiansFC Player
I'll be there...should be able to tear myself away from F1

Oh and my final legend only played for them for 2 years but had his own song, and was instrumental in their unique treble. Most fondly remembered for his 44 yard free kick in injury time against Everton.

3 Re: Ruffian's FC Fixture - Mon 27th Sept 2010 on Tue Sep 28, 2010 11:25 pm


Ruffians FC Captain
Match Report - Monday 27th September

Ok where do I start with this match report - Umm

Well 1st off a massive thanks to the team for a good turn out even though it was an extra match night this week and also with a ton of new games out (Halo & F1 mainly) I thought we would be short of players - but nearly a full team once again!

Thanks to RaingodZippo, Gnats, Darkestfrost, X Bulldog, MadHansGruber, Ninja Nash, Obesia Blue & Cookies n footy for playing in a cracking night of football!

We had 2 players hit big milestones last night in their Ruffian's FC career! So a giant well done to RaingodZippo & NinjaNash for both scoring their 50th goal for the club this season! That is a cracking Achievement to earn in a season of Ruffian's FC - Only 4 players from the whole squad have managed that! Raingod's 50th was a real belter of a shot too!

Stand out moments of the night were - Darkestfrost stealing my goal off the line (thief!), RaingodZippo & NinjaNash scoring their 50th goal's, RuffianStew (yes me) got sent off twice in one match!, Gnats' own goal (maybe the best we have had all season!), Cookies scoring a bucket full of goals throughout the night, RaingodZippo's top performance in the centre of midfield (lived up to his Enforcer nickname), MadHansGruber having a mic(yes thats right we heard him speak for the 1st time!), X Bulldog & MadHansGruber playing up front together and totally taking the mick out of the other teams!, RaingodZippo scoring a CHEAP goal and then shouting cheap at himself!, Obesia Blue's totally funny witterings throughout the match (the Gobshite incident almost made Dark wet himself he was laughing so much!), Darkestfrost's fine performance as the 'Any' player and finally I suppose I should mention the 3 (yes 3) sitters I missed in front of goal - fun enough the video clips have gone missing!! Wink

A bit of a long round-up but I got there in the end!

As for the goal scorers for the night I think everybody that took to the field scored - which is great stuff!

Before the night started we needed 6 wins to get our target of 50 wins for the season. And yes as the last few weeks have gone by and the wins have dried up it looked almost impossible to hit that 50th win! Well somehow we dug out 3 wins last night to give ourselves a fighting chance to get our target but it certainly will go down to the wire as we have only 1 match night left of the season and 3 wins to get! Can we do it?? well I know that we will give it a damn good try and anything is possible with Ruffian's FC players! So watch this space to see if we make it tomorrow night!!

The 3 results that we won were 5-1, 4-2 & 2-1!

I normally give out a man of the match award to 1 or 2 players that have really shone in the nights matches! Well due the fact that we dug out 3 wins to give ourselves a chance of the season target and also I don't think one player played bad (yes I missed 3 chances but I did score later in the night lol)and we had such a laugh all night - the men of the match is RaingodZippo, Gnats, Darkestfrost, X Bulldog, MadHansGruber, Ninja Nash, Obesia Blue & Cookies n footy - you all played top football and I have to say a massive thanks for all of your efforts to get your crazy managers target abit closer!



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