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Cross Platform Gaming - Your thoughts?

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1 Cross Platform Gaming - Your thoughts? on Thu Mar 17, 2016 2:08 pm


RuffiansFC Player
Yesterday it was announced that Mircosoft was working on implementing Cross Platform gaming, starting with Rocket League to the Xbox One. I (Stupidly) tried to have a sensible debate about this on a Facebook post (from Unilad) with people.... unfortunately with it being Facebook it turned into a slandering match between Xbox/PS4/PC owners, each claiming their system was far superior etc etc.

So I thought I'd see what the 'sensible' gamers of Ruff Gaming thought about it?

Personally I think it could potentially be one of the better things to happen to gaming. The ability to play with people on different systems will improve the chances of getting a game etc. The only issue I see is that if they don't get the server capability/connection right it will be absolutely horrendous! Currently with how poor the xbox servers can be it would need ALOT of work before it would even be considered usable!

What does everyone else think?

2 Re: Cross Platform Gaming - Your thoughts? on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:30 pm


RuffiansFC Player
Might be an interesting idea, but whether it will work properly is the question. But anything which allows more gamers to play together has to be a good thing Smile

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