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Round 3 - Marina Bay Grand Prix - Time Trial (Closed)

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Ruffians FC Captain
Round 3 - Marina Bay Grand Prix - Time Trial

Round - 3
Round Type - Time Trial
Track - Marina Bay
Weather - Dry
Team - Red Bull
Start Date - Tuesday 26th October
Close Date - Monday 1st November

After the 2 cracking Rounds so far we move onto the 3rd round which is under the flood lights at Marina Bay. Yes it is a time trial again but don't worry they won't all be Time Trials we will be having live racing for the 4th round.

Using the time trial section of the game try to put down the best time you can around Marina Bay in the Dry. The settings you use is up to you but just no rewinds which do show up on the Online Leaderboards so don't try and sneak a rewind in.

You can have as many goes as you like between the start time and the deadline of Monday 1st November at 8pm.

The rain clouds have moved on from the last round and we are back in the dry for this round.

For this round everybody will be driving the Red Bull F1 car.

You will earn points for yourself in the Drivers Championship and also along side your team mate in the Team Championship.

Post your times below here and you can post as many times as you like.


Last round a few of you didn't post your times here but still done times but I took them from the in game leaderboards. For this round I will not count them unless they are posted here!!

So all that is left to do is hit the track and get those times coming in!!


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RuffiansFC Player
I'll go first for once. 1.37.285. Very tough track. Keep spinning it everywhere. I also hate having the sun in my eyes.


RuffiansFC GoalKeeper
Struggling to just get round the track in one piece!! Done about 50 starts and got round clean once. I'm going backwards!! scratch lol!


Darkestfrost wrote:Struggling to just get round the track in one piece!! Done about 50 starts and got round clean once. I'm going backwards!! scratch lol!

Yeah lots of corners, not got up to this track in career mode so its a new track for me.

Not done as many starts as you but quite a few, done a 1:43:107 , I think I could easily get another 2 seconds maybe 3 ( pushing it ) once I learn the end of the track.

Getting a steering wheel this weekend, that is if the wife does not spend my money, it would be interesting to try the other 2 tracks we have done just to see if its easier on the wheel and I can post better times.

Anyone interested, the xbox official wheel was discontinued, I believe MS are not making them themselves now so matcatz are bringing out a new officialy licenced one on Friday, if anybody is interested here's the link to game website

Xbox Steering Wheel


mikethemute wrote:I'll go first for once. 1.37.285. Very tough track. Keep spinning it everywhere. I also hate having the sun in my eyes.

affraid , wow


RuffiansFC GoalKeeper
mikethemute wrote:I'll go first for once. 1.37.285. Very tough track. Keep spinning it everywhere. I also hate having the sun in my eyes.
are you on the same track? There is no sun? Plus your time isn't showing on the leaderboards? scratch


RuffiansFC Player
Oh crap I got this mixed up with Yas marina. Balls. I should read things more throughly.


RuffiansFC GoalKeeper
Damit!! Should have kept my mouth shut! Lol. Let mike drive round the wrong track all week Twisted Evil


RuffiansFC Player
Just done a couple of flying laps, can get quicker tho..



Ruff's Race Pro Champion
One clean lap 1:45:164. Doubt I'll be trying to better it cos I hate this track with a passion


RuffiansFC Player
Ok here's my time for the right track this time. 1.40.511.
Also hate this track


RuffiansFC GoalKeeper
My time.
1:39.646 sunny


RuffiansFC Player
I've had enough of this track... 20 laps tonight not one of them clean..

I'm sticking to my 1:42.408... dont wanna do this track...


RuffiansFC Player
one clean lap in about 40 laps Evil or Very Mad 1.47.559

x bulldog

Ruff's Fifa League Champion Season 04 & 05, RuffiansFC Player


RuffiansFC Player
Only got round clean once...and had to crawl 1:54.675


Think I will stick with my 1:43:107, done 2 hours of laps tonight and not got anywhere, I can be ahead ( maybe 1 second ) but screw it it towards the end.

Its one hell of a track

Well done to DarkestFrost for his amazing time or to anybody who puts a better time in.


Ruff's Fifa League Champion Season 03

Nash Effect

RuffiansFC Player
my time is 1.44.251


RuffiansFC Player
1 clean lap out of 20, horrible track 01:51:235


Ruffians FC Captain
Round 3 - The Drivers Time Trial Leaderboard - The Results

1. Darkestfrost - 01:39.646
2. mikethemute - 01:40.511
3. x bulldog - 01:42:340
4. Stucowie - 01:42.408
5. ToonArmy - 01:43:107
6. Ninja nash09 - 01:44.251
7. longjohnmcnasty - 01:45:164
8. reme22 - 01:45.370
9. Wackybar8 - 01:47.559
10. BigAndiD - 01:51:235
11. RaingodZippo - 01:54.675
12. RuffianStew - 01:54.702
The BlackMagpie - No Time Entered
Minty - No Time Entered
Mad Hans Gruber - No Time Entered
Dunco - No Time Entered
X Tombo - No Time Entered
MickyB(GT-EFC1987) - No Time Entered
Faceinthecrowd - No Time Entered
Cookies n Footy - No Time Entered

Drivers Points For Round 3 - Marina Bay (Dry)

1. Darkestfrost - 70pts
2. mikethemute - 65pts
3. x bulldog - 60pts
4. Stucowie - 55pts
5. ToonArmy - 50pts
6. Ninja nash09 - 45pts
7. longjohnmcnasty - 40pts
8. reme22 - 35pts
9. Wackybar8 - 30pts
10. BigAndiD - 30pts
11. RaingodZippo - 30pts
12. RuffianStew - 30pts
The BlackMagpie - 0pts
Minty - 0pts
Mad Hans Gruber - 0pts
Dunco - 0pts
X Tombo - 0pts
MickyB(GT-EFC1987) - 0pts
Faceinthecrowd - 0pts
Cookies n Footy - 0pts

Team Points For Round 3 - Marina Bay (Dry)

Darkestfrost & Wackybar - Team DarkBar Racing - 100pts

mikethemute & RaingodZippo - Lameduck Racing - 95pts

reme22 & NinjaNash - Legend Reme Team Racing - 80pts

XTombo & X Bulldog - XTB Motorsports - 60pts

mickyb(efc1987) & StuCowie - The Racing Cows - 55pts

Cookies n Footy & ToonArmy - Cookie Army Team Racing - 50pts

longjohnmcnasty & MadHansGruber - The flying Scotsmen Racing Team - 40pts

The BlackMagpie & RuffianStew - Team Shake & Bake Motorsport - 30pts

Dunco & BigAndiD - Team Slam Dunc Racing - 30pts

Faceinthecrowd & Minty - Mints in the Face Race Team - 0pts

Round 3 - The Round-Up

Ok 1st off - Very sorry for the long delay in getting this round wrapped up. Between work, Fable 3, Fallout 3, Black Ops, Ruffian's FC & real life time has been short the last 2 weeks.

Finally I have done the times and points for this round and it was another close battle for the points.

A massive well done to Darkestfrost for putting down an unbeatable time! Also Darkestfrost and Wackybar - Team DarkBar Racing took the topspot in the Team Leaderboard!

The next round will be up and running very soon!

Thanks to everybody that took part in this round.



- Follow me on Twitter @RuffianStew -

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