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Round 10 - Istanbul Grand Prix - Live Race (Closed)

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Ruffians FC Captain
Round 10 - Istanbul Grand Prix - Live Race

1st off really sorry for the extreme late running of the up-date to the Ruff F1 Competition. I have now added the points for rounds 8 & 9 and below are round 10 details. Round 10 was an extra race we held as an extra after the last Live Race so it was abit of a surprise thrown up at the last minute but was full of action on the track.

Below are the final standings and points for the Live Race - Round 10.

Round 10 - Live Race Results
1. Darkestfrost
2. Mikethemute
3. Toon Army
4. RaingodZippo
5. Wackybar
6. Xx Minty xX
7. RuffianStew

Round 10 - Live Race Drivers Points
1. Darkestfrost - 70pts
2. Mikethemute - 65pts
3. Toon Army - 60pts
4. RaingodZippo - 55pts
5. Wackybar - 50pts
6. Xx Minty xX - 45pts
7. RuffianStew - 35pts

Round 10 - Live Race Team Points
1. Lameduck Racing - 120pts
2. Team DarkBar Racing - 120pts
3. Cookie Army Team Racing - 60pts
4. Mints in the Face Race Team - 45pts
5. Team Shake & Bake Motorsport - 35pts

All the above points have now been added to the Drivers & Teams Leaderboards


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